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The Hidden World of Animal Suffering
at the MN State Fair

Why the Minnesota State Fair?

The Animal Rights Coalition is working to create awareness about the cruel realities of state and county fairs.

Please help us as we uncover the hidden world of animal suffering at The Great Minnesota (Animal Exploitation) Get together.

The Minnesota State Fair’s primary purpose (like that of most state and county fairs) is to encourage and promote farming, specifically animal agriculture, and in doing so it also encourages and promotes the consumption of meat and dairy products.




The MN State Fair claims to bring transparency to animal agricultural practices but instead presents a highly sanitized version of the lives of farmed animals.

Most of the farmed animals you see on display at the MN State Fair are living out the last days of their lives in crowded, stressful environments.

People say they come to the fair to see and touch the animals, especially the cute baby animals. But behind all that cuteness is fear, pain, and suffering. From birth to death, farmed animals’ natural needs for space, movement, fresh air and sunshine, family bonding, and social interactions are disregarded. This is because maximizing profit is the driving force behind raising animals for humans to eat.

Annual Attendance at MN State Fair
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​Number of Farmed Animals Exhibited at the Fair​
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Number of MN State Fair Events Using Farmed Animals
Number of Calves, Lambs, and Piglets Born Live at the Fair
Number of Children Attending Little Farm Hands Exhibit
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Think about what you’ve seen at the fair. Now try to see it through the eyes of the animals.


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Animal Suffering at the Fair

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Report it immediately

If you see animals being mistreated, report it immediately. Document with photos and/or video and send to the following:

MN state fair gate

Contact the MN State Fair

Contact the Minnesota State Fair with polite feedback voicing your opposition to the use of animals at the fair:

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Educate yourself

Educate yourself with the information on this website and start a conversation with others about the hidden suffering of animals at the state fair.

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Volunteer with ARC

Volunteer with the Animal Rights Coalition. Check our website or our FB page for scheduled outreach at the fair. Or sign up for our monthly volunteer e-newsletter at

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Let the sponsors know

Let the sponsors of the fair know that you cannot support them if they support the use of animals at the fair. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper explaining why you aren’t supporting the fair this year and encourage others to do the same.

4-H and FFA logo

4-H or FFA program

If you know someone in a 4-H or FFA program, encourage them to give the animal they raised to a sanctuary or a home where they can thrive as a companion animal. Ask them to consider 4-H or FFA activities in future years that don’t harm animals.

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The Animal Rights Coalition is the oldest and most successful animal rights organization in Minnesota, with over four decades of helping animals. We are a locally and nationally recognized voice for animal rights, and we are partnering with a coalition of other organizations across the country to expose the cruelty to animals at state and county fairs.

Get Involved

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Our Volunteers are Awesome

Volunteers are an essential part of the Animal Rights Coalition. Together, we can do more. Join us at one of our monthly volunteer meetings – everyone is welcome.

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