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The Impact on The Animals

Animal agriculture exploits and slaughters billions of animals every year for humans to eat. Every day, millions of individuals are treated like machines, forcibly impregnated, separated from their families, mutilated without pain relief, kept in confinement, and killed – all part of accepted, routine farming practices.

But the MN State Fair conceals this reality. These animals suffer psychological and physical harm before, during, and after the fair, and the destination for most is the slaughterhouse. Remember that the primary purpose of animal agriculture is to derive as many human benefits from animals as possible and at the lowest cost.

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cow breast


Dairy cows are of special interest to our goal of ending the suffering of animals at the fair for three reasons. First, there are numerous dairy-related events at the fair involving the harming of cows, including the Dairy and Moo Booth and the Miracle of Birth Center.

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pig in a cage


At the Oink Booth in the Robert A. Christensen Pavilion (formerly the Swine Barn), the Minnesota Pork Board offers their squeaky-clean version of a 360˚ look inside a Minnesota pig farm.

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touching chickens


Chickens bred for their flesh have been selectively bred to grow very large, very quickly so that they can be killed at seven weeks old. This quick turnaround time increases industry profits of course.

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Large lizard

Petting Zoos and Exotic Animals

The MN State Fair does not have a petting zoo, per se, but does allow fairgoers to handle newborn animals of numerous species as well as hosts an exhibit called Kemps Little Farm Hands for kids.

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4-H and FFA Shows & Judging Contests

Dairy “livestock” judging shows are used to promote the dairy industry and gain public trust. The 4-H and FFA members who show cows at the State Fair previously placed at county fairs with these same cows.

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